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Call for Participation: 6th International Planning Competition (Uncertainty Part)

Important: the POMDP track is back !





The past two IPCs have included tracks for probabilistic and non-deterministic planning, and this call for participation seeks feedback from potential competitors in the upcoming competition. In addition to the information contained here, the organizers have setup a wiki at: to exchange software and test problems, as well as a mailing list (subscribe by sending an email with the subject "subscribe ippc-2008" to, what can be done with the following link: ).

The competition will include tracks for

  • non-observable non-deterministic (conformant) planning,
  • observable non-deterministic planning,
  • fully observable probabilistic planning and
  • partially observable probabilistic planning

(if at least 4 participants enter the track). More details on these tracks and on how the competition will be run can be found on the official site for the uncertainty part of the IPC:



  • April 1st Registration Deadline
  • April 1st Release of 1-2 domains in each track for practice
  • June-August Competition

Participant Registration Form:

Send it to . You may want to fill one form per planner.

  • Planner name:
  • Team members and contact information:
  • Tracks of interests: (indicate [yes/no])
    • Fully-Observable Non-Deterministic [ ]
    • Non-Observable Non-Deterministic [ ]
    • Fully-Observable Probabilistic [ ]
    • PArtially-Observable Probabilistic [ ]
  • Comments/Questions (schedule, language, etc.):

Note: persons who already declared their interest in the uncertainty part of the competition should fill and send back this form if their situation regarding the competition has changed in some way.

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